Custom, WellCrafted Medical Care

WellCraft Health™ is significantly DIFFERENT and BETTER than a traditional medical office.

Appointments at WellCraft Health™ are easy to make, and possibly for the same day. We respect and value your time. Your medical visit is scheduled for up to 30 minutes, so you have a real conversation about what you are experiencing. Together, you and Dr. Rupe, can discuss treatment options and work out a custom, and WellCrafted solution that works best for you. Like the Country Doctor, Dr. Carol Rupe is available to her patients, day and night.

Dr. Rupe knows her patients so well, she can address many of your needs by phone, and not require a medical visit. Should you need specialty care, Dr. Carol Rupe will act as your "Quarterback", coordinating your care with medical specialists, diagnostic centers, and hospitals through our increasingly complex medical system. She will review your medical care and translate medical jargon so you can understand your diagnostic results and specialty consults. She will call you personally to discuss your lab work, specialty consults or medical procedures.

At WellCraft Health™, you are not a number. You are unique and special - and so is your medical care.

Dr. Rupe's Specialties