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Marketing Projects Group


Most companies cannot afford to hire in-house, permanent marketing assistance. So they must engage high-priced agencies who really don't have their best interests at heart. and its owner have been producing creative, effective sales support for businesses in 24 different industries for over 35 years. We don't have a "brass and glass" office meant to impress. In today's digital world, we work mostly remotely to build marketing campaigns and supply clients with exactly what they need without the high costs. To learn more about how our hourly or per project rates can benefit your business please read more.


Marketing Projects Group exists to help you sell products and services to increase your bottom line. Advertising agencies exist to earn commissions on placing your advertising into media that benefits them first. Think about that a moment. If you have a budget of only a few thousand dollars, your agency or support is getting 15% of that off the top for doing their job. Plus they bill you for their creative production.

Marketing Projects Group also bills for production, BUT we charge by the hour or project for web content, development, photo editing, writing and consulting your firm. We take NO commissions so that when we place you in a magazine, on television, in print or direct mail, or in conjunction with a direct sales call campaign, we are doing so to help your company earn more income. We get paid a flat rate to give advice and tailor the materials for best effect.

We have never won an award. Possibly because we've never submitted work for awards. Our award is knowing your startup or small company grew, and everyone went home with a paycheck this year. As the marketing firm for WellCraft Health™, we created the brand and worked with the owners to develop the messaging, web content, websites, advertising campaigns and form processing.

If you want unvarnished advice, from someone who has been there, done that - from trade shows throughout the country, to every type of promotion known - you need to call or write us. Please see more about our work at our websites:

We can help you produce a strategic marketing plan, design a budget, build a timeline, and execute everything on time and within budget. Then we can advise on follow-up, train your in-house personnel in customer service and marketing support, then watch your bottom line grow.