More About Dr Carol Rupe


Dr. Carol Rupe relocated to Roanoke Rapids from Charlotte, North Carolina. She brings more than 30 years of clinical family medicine experience, combined with 25 years of inpatient care for her patients, and over 25 years as a medical director for several long-term care facilities. She wants to provide every patient with personal attention and a true understanding of what you and your family need!

Dr. Rupe is a former United States Air Force physician. She understands the true meaning of service and the value of personal sacrifice. As a former small business owner, Dr. Rupe also understands the challenges that small business owners face in this tough economy with trying to increase sales, adjusting to higher business expenses, and keeping your employees focused and motivated to deliver top quality products and services - on time. Making matters more difficult, the cost of keeping your employees and their family members healthy has become harder every year.

And as a breast cancer survivor, she knows the despair that an unresponsive and uncaring medical system can bring. She may have had personal experience with a health condition you may be concerned about now. Drop her a note and ask some general questions - nothing too private or personal - you haven't met yet! Perhaps, together - you and Dr. Carol Rupe can work out a treatment plan to address those concerns and get you onto a path leading to better health.

Dr. Rupe wants to thank the community of Roanoke Rapids for the warm welcome. She is looking forward to developing new life stories with each of you in the years to come.

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