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Medical Economics

Traditional primary care medical Offices have budgeted each ‘practitioner’ to generate between $ 300 and $ 600 per hour to pay operating expenses. A typical primary care medical office has between four and six practitioners, each servicing between 15 and 30 medical visits per day. The average number of medical visits each provider services is just over 20 per day. On average, a single medical visit, including lab work and diagnostics, earns the medical practice MORE than $ 100 per visit. That represents earnings of $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 per hour to keep a typical medical office from shutting down, unless financially subsidized by a hospital system or government grants.

The Cost of YOUR Typical Medical Office Visit - $ 600 to $ 1,200 per Hour

Medical Visits are typically on the schedule for fifteen minutes and physicals are typically scheduled for 30 minutes. BUT! After long delays in scheduling, and long waits in a waiting room, you are finally walked to an exam room. And ... you wait some more (evidently, your time seems to have no value). A nurse comes in and takes your vital signs, followed later by a ‘provider’, typically a Physician’s Assistant (PA) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Does a PA or NP have the diagnostic skills base or experience of a practicing physician? No. But you are charged $ 100 (plus) for an average medical visit with a PA or NP, who only give you 5 to 10 minutes of professional time and attention.

Your medical visit actually cost you $ 600 to $ 1,200 per hour !

The Cost of YOUR Health Insurance Medical Visit - over $ 2,100 per Hour

A typically healthy family of three, has employer subsidized health insurance costing them $ 7,200 per year, with a $ 6,000 annual deductible. The deductible must be paid before the health insurance company pays 40%, 60%, or 80% of the remaining medical expenses. But what if you and your family don’t have a major accident or a newly developed expensive health condition? You have an expensive health insurance card and a discounted medical visit price.

How is that possible? You and your family pay $ 7,200 per year in health insurance premiums. If your $ 6,000 annual deductible is not met, you are paying for every medical visit at a negotiated discount rate. If your average, healthy family goes to a medical practice 8 to 12 times per year, assuming an average medical visit with a very generous 20-minute professional engagement, and an average discounted medical visit cost. Your 160 minutes to 240 minutes of professional medical consultation time cost you and your family over $ 2,100 per hour!!!

If you were to get LESS than 20 minutes time per typical medical visit by your ‘provider’, your cost DOUBLES! Think about that. More than $ 4,200 per visit... And typically, dependent upon a PA or NP to help you with deferring or avoiding a number of serious medical conditions like diabetes, congestive heart disease, and more... in five to ten minute medical diagnostic visits.

Health Insurance value comes into play ONLY IF you have a terrible accident or develop an expensive, chronic medical condition requiring hospitalization, surgeries, ongoing specialty care, and medications.

The VALUE of Dr. Carol Rupe and her MyPreference™ medical care program - $ 170/hr or LESS

Let’s take that exact same example, of a healthy family of three - OR an individual with serious chronic medical conditions. WellCraft Health™ is not an insurance company. We do not “cover” anything. What we do provide, is excellent primary medical care, with a 30 plus year family medicine Doctor Carol Rupe. As an expert family physician (recognized as an expert in more than 30 US states), it is to your benefit when you have a need for more serious medical care!

Our medical visits are scheduled for up to 30 minutes and our physical exams are scheduled for up to an hour, so that you can have a personal, real, two-way conversation to discuss your concerns and medical needs. Dr. Carol Rupe personally follows up with your lab work, specialty medical care, hospitalizations, and diagnostics and calls you for discussion on how to best craft health goals for you.

Assuming a family of three has eight medical visits between them for the year, the annual cost of that family’s participation would be $ 170 an hour or LESS.

Dr. Carol Rupe and her MyPreference™ medical care program’s SUPERIOR VALUE comes with detecting developing health conditions that can be moderated or avoided with medications and lifestyle changes. Experience matters! IF and WHEN Life hands us a difficult health situation to address, she will be an advocate for your medical needs, and actively help coordinate any diagnostics, specialty medical care, or hospitalization you require. Dr. Carol Rupe will follow up, review results, and make recommendations with you AS YOUR PARTNER IN HEALTH and provide encouragement for your recovery and improvements. All of this, at no extra charge.